Sínodo Vitivinícola

Rioja (Uruñuela, Villamediana de Iregua)

'Raposeras' Single Vineyard 2015


In Spanish, uno Raposo is a fox, so this vineyard is the 'place of foxes'. Raposeras is a landscape of smooth hills located between Uru̱uela and Cenicero. Wine grapes have been grown here for centuries: historically, productive soils close to water were kept for food cultivars and vineyards were planted in the poorer slopes. A north-facing vineyard, 30km west of Logro̱o at the northern reach of Najerilla valley. Raposeras is organically-grown bush-vines planted in the 'marco real' pattern, cropped at 4t/ha. The vines are Tempranillo and Garnacha. The top layer of soil is 80cm of free-draining sand. Under this, the soil contains 40% calcium and 15% limestone. Raposeras has been in Juanan's family for 100 years. The first vintage was 2014. Hand-picked, sorted and de-stemmed. Alcoholic fermentation with whole berries. Malolactic in 1 and 2 year old French oak barriques. Aged 11 months with batonnage twice weekly.

Deep and brilliant red cherry. Cranberries, sweet spice and gunpowder. The mouth is full-bodied, long, and smooth. Pebbly, briary, cereal and balsam Rioja. De-piped mulberry with a purple basil lift, smoke briars, angelica, and a whiff of leather, electric red earthen minerality and a delicate spice hit of fenugreek. Very gentle tannin, deep, soft, and round it cups and releases, an earthen carpet unfolding.