Serra i Barceló

Terra Alta

'Aucalà' Garnatxa Tinto 2018


30-50yo Garnatxa Negre, with 11% Caranyena, fermented in 8,000 litre inox, with pumpovers and foot pressing. 20% ages 5 months in old 400 litre French oak, but most is matured on lees in stainless steel.

Fine and fresh (that lean chalk soil), it leads with red apple and poppy flower, then a touch of darker interest sneaks out below. Based on delicate rosehip red tea, it’s simple, neatly formed, easy and lovely. The tannins are chalky, there’s a twist of briar in the jolting pomegranate acidity, a delightful lack of glyceric sweetness, replaced by punch, tang, jolt and run. Great, uncomplicated fun.