Pequenos Rebentos

Márcio is a young winemaker and micro-negociant, originally from Porto, born into an agricultural family. His studies of agronomic engineering took him to Melgaço in northern border country, where he became acquainted with Alvarinho (Albariño). Converted to wine-making, he came to Australia to do vintages in Rutherglen and Tasmania. Upon returning to Portugal in 2010 he began working on a handful of passion projects. Pequenos Rebentos (meaning ‘small sprouts’) was the first-born, based in the Vinho Verde appellation, mainly working with Alvarinho from the Monção and Melgaço sub-zones, and with Loureiro from Lima Valley. Márcio also has little projects in Ribeira Sacra, the Azores, Douro and Dao.

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