Mas Martinet

Clos Martinet is the wine of the home estate of Mas Martinet, just above the river as one winds from Falset towards Gratallops. Clos Martinet, originally owned and run by Josep Lluis Perez, was one of 'los Closos', the group which settled in Priorat and worked together from 1989 to re-envision and re-envigorate Priorat wine production. Nowadays, Josep Lluis' daughter, Sara Perez, is responsible for the day-to-day running of Mas Martinet. As well as the original farm, there are 3 single vineyards (one of which was planted by Sara herself), and in total 22 hectares of organic viticulture. The vineyards are dominated by local varieties, Garnatxa and Garnatxa Peluda, and Caranyena. There is also (a reducing) residual of French genetics planted, mainly Syrah, with Merlot and Cabernet, planted from 1990 by Josep Luis. All wines used wild yeast fermentations and the estate is moving away from 'scientific' winemaking to holistic, natural precepts. Grape varieties are fermented together after de-stemming, although often Sara adds back a portion of Garnatxa stems. Ageing is mainly in foudre, rather than barrique, with some clay used to counter oak.

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