Mitch Sokolin

Mitch is a New Yorker, who got his stripes as a Sommelier on the West Coast of the United States. After a few years of chasing vintages around the globe, he settled in Melbourne... but, it is Nowheresville, Spain where he chooses to make his wine. Villanueva de Conde is a village on the sheltered south-eastern side of Sierra de la Peña de Francia (south of Salamanca) and one of the 26 designated wine villages of DO Sierra de Salamanca. Mitch sources his fruit from an organically-farmed vineyard of close-planted, cordon-trained vines named 'La Espaldera', at between 625-646m. Planted in 2004 as part of a research collaboration with the regional government, it represents the most comprehensive collection of known Rufete clones. The vines are planted on terraces made up of decomposed granite and quartz and have a cool northwest exposition to allow this early ripening grape a longer hang-time to develop greater complexity. The region is a densely oak-forested biosphere reserve.

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