Legado Del Moncayo

Isaac Fernandez works in a number of regions and with several wines, but his standout wines come from the old Garnacha bush-vines grown in the highest, rockiest, iron-laden soils of DO Campo de Borja. Campo de Borja, which grandly calls itself 'The Empire of Garnacha' is a DO of 5000 hectares in Zaragoza province, between Navarra and Catalayud. Most of the DO inhabits the borad, delta-like flood plains of Río Ebro, after it departs Rioja for Priorat and the Mediterranean. The climate is extremely dry-continental - it's hot, it's dry and it's windy. Rainfall is a paltry 350mm, and upto 450mm in the hills. Grapes grow between 350-750m altitude. The soils are a mix of limestone stand, large calcareous stones and ferrous clay. Production here dates back to 1145. Legado de Moncayo (Legacy of Moncayo) is a project based in the south of Campo de Borja in Ainzon. Younger vine Garnacha Negra and Garnacha Blanca is planted 550-600m, with older vines upto 750m. Most are goblet-trained bush vines.

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