La Purísima

La Purísima is a sort of 'post-modern' co-op, doing some really sensational 'estate-style' wines from holidays of very old, dry grown, original clone, ungrafted Monastrell. La Purísima is in the township of Yecla, which gives its name to D.O. Yecla, about 1.5hrs inland, due west from Alicante. It's also very high up, with the vineyards as high as 1100m above sea level. Summer heat is tempered by altitude, while winter is both extremely cold, and also quite dry. Low crop, high levels of vineyard vigilence, organic growing techniques, picked in the cooler hours of the day (mornings) and packed into small crates, begins a process of meticulous winemaking. The grapes then go through several selection passes, followed by 'must' chilling and fermentation in stainless steel.

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