Gutiérrez Colosía

Gutiérrez Colsía is a family business established in the 1830s. The bodega was built in 1838 in el Puerto de Santa María on the banks of Río Guadalete, next to the Atlantic Ocean and across the bay from Cadiz. The humid winds from the sea regulate the bodega's humidity, maintaining optimum conditions for the protective flor. In Sherry, Puerto is the third leg of 'The Sherry Triangle'. The vineyards which grow Palomino grapes for Fino production are chalky Albariza soils found in the triangle between Jerez inland and the coastal towns, Sanlúcar de Barremeda and el Puerto de Santa María. Río Guadalquiver, which enters the Atlantic at Sanlúcar and Río Guadalete at Puerto are the norhtern and southern borders of 'Sherry Country'.

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