Godelia is a relatively young project, at least in its present form. Its wines come from a combination of very old schist-soiled mountain vines and maturing vines from the clay hill-slopes in the centre of the valley. The now 20+ year-old vines and some 90 year-old bush vines in the mountains were entrusted to Josep Serra Guyillen, a Catalan winemaker brought in from outside specifically to avoid local complacency and to revise inherited bad viticultural habits. His brief - freshness and elegance. The name, Godelia, is Vicente García Vasquez, who purchased the holdings in 2009. It alludes to a fresh and feminine Bierzo, and is a made up contraction of Godello and Lías. Like much of Galicia, the wine tale of el Bierzo is one of great loss in recent times. Vicente and Josep are keenly aware that good viticulture and lovely resultant wines require a significant investment in de-coupling from the 20th century and going back before phylloxera.

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