Jerome Bougnaud is a massively talented, ultra-intelligent French winemaker, recruited to Spain by Peter Sisseck in 2000. He is yet another of the ex-pat network doing great things since adopting Spanish wine as a frontier on which to make a mark. 'Galia' is a Gaul translated into Spanish.Galia is a project Jerome makes in conjunction with Daniel Garcia-Pita Jr, who has his own project in Madrid DO, El regajal Vineyards. Galia is not bottled under control of the DO Ribera del Duero. All the fruit is from the ribera of Rio Duero, but some is outside the particular boundaries of the appellation. Galia takes fruit from a 134km span along Rio Duero, and from altitudes between 795m and 968m. Jerome is not a fan of the DO and prefers the freedom to work outside its strictures, and bottles his wines simply as Vino de la Tierra de Castilla y Leon. Currently making 5000 bottles, Jerome anticipates the project to be fully geared at 20,000.

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