Manuel Antonio de la Riva

Marco de Jerez

'La Riva' Fino, Pago Balbaina Alta, bottled october 2018


Fino 'La Riva' comes from the 'Campanilla' vineyard growing on Albariza Parda, within Pago Balbaina Alta, at 65m and 10km in from the Atlantic. Campanilla is 3.5 hectares in the north of Balbaina, and source for spectacularly delicate Fino material. The wine is bottled at 15% natural abv after 10 years of dynamic ageing, and only a single saca per year is taken, as there are just 5 botas distributed as one criadera and the solera. With such occasional withdrawal and refreshment, it effectively unifies aspects of dynamic and static ageing.

Bracing and super fresh, it's alive and floral, like a sup on briny branch-water crazed with sour herb. It clearly reflects Jerez's coastal influence and the palate is vertical with deep, deep chalk. Within are walnut amber tones, spicy wild honey, aged straw and a high level of nutty, complex aldehyde through the sea breeze salinity.