Delgado Zuleta

Marco de Jerez

'La Goya XL' en Rama Manzanilla


In 2012 Delgado Zuleta released 'La Goya XL' Manzanilla en Roma. It's an extraordinary wine. Having spent more than 10 years under protection of flor yeast (unimaginable in any bodega other than DZ), this wine is usually dedicated as a reserve wine which serves as insurance for the La Goya solera. If the Solera is taxed and there's any chance of the wine becoming a little weak, a special reserve of older La Goya is used to blend the wine up to spec. Straight from the barrel, it is literally an extraordinary experience to taste - rich, and golden, all Mersaulty and totally glorious. There are no further plans to bottle this wine; it's a one-off adventure in the possibilities of sherry.