Dominio De Pingus

Pingus was established in 1995 by Peter Sisseck, Danish-born and French-trained, with significant experience in Bordeaux and Sonoma. Pingus (Peter's childhood nickname growing up in Copenhagen) in the early days, were wines made in a garage, not from philosophy but lack of cash. Nowadays, the winery remains on the same site in the village of Quintanilla de Onesimo, but is a nice, simple, proper affair, purpose-built with its own laboratory. Small changes have accompanied the shift from garage to winery, as you'd expect during the crucial first 15 years' evolution of a quality project. The basics of handling - or rather, basically, NOT handling the wine remain the key principle outside of vineyard concerns. Over recent years, oak has been pulled back and the wines ever more textural, perfumed and sophisticated.

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