Celler Capçanes

Capçanes is both the name a village in DO Montsant, which surrounds the more famous and more expansive DOQ Priorat, and also the name of its wine co-op. 190 hectares are controlled by 75 growers and represent about 10% of the DO's total production. Historically, Montsant and Capçanes in particular, has been typified by producing bulk wine. However, by the 1990s, it was reduced to being a mere grower of fruit which was sold off un-crushed in bulk to producers elsewhere. Worried that their future was not secure, the growers banded together to create their own brand. Run by a visionary German, Capçanes makes estate-style wine from within a co-op system. Extraordinarily strict fruit selection criteria sees the co-op's yield classified into six distinct tiers, and the top couple of tiers are fruit reserved specifically for the export-oriented wines.

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