Celler Aixalà i Alcait

A hard-scrabble story of love, wine and love of wine, if ever there was one! Jordi Aixalà married Sussi Alcait in 2006, having gone out on a limb to commercialise a few small plots in Torroja (some in family ownership for generations but sold to co-ops). Sussi is a local school teacher, impressible wit, and the communicative face of the business. Jordi worked full-time in a local cellar and tended his own vineyards in his 'spare' time. By 2008, they had a daughter, and Spain had 'the crisis' - really just a dreadful time to be starting a chancy new small wine business without any money. For two years, they 'sold' their fruit...and didn't get paid! By 2012, they had moved into a tiny cellar in Torroja and went all-in on releasing wine under their own label. All wines are certified organic and low sulphur, and farmed by the lunar cycle. They also produce very good extra virgin olive oil from arbequinas grown on the ridges between vine parcels. Over these years, Jordi has also doubled as mayor of Torroja, and is a leading environmental activist in the region.

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