Cayetano Del Pino

As well as all their own production, Sánchez Romate are responsible for packaging and marketing the wines of a special Almacenista in Jerez, Cayetano del Pino. Almacenistas are small 'warehousing' businesses. Not all Sherry businesses are licensed to sell wine under their own label. Almacenistas are only licensed to mature wines, and must on-sell their stocks to the Bodegas. Usually, these are hobby businesses in which one or two small holdings age a limited quantity of Sherry, usually only working with a single style. Cayetano del Pino is a family-owned Almacenista business dating to the mid-1880s, procuring and nurturing sherries in small lots for re-sale down the track with enhanced character. Cayetano del Pino specialise in Palo Cortado, that strange and beautiful half-world between Amontillado and Oloroso.

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