Bodegas Pirineos

Bodegas Pirineos (Aragonés for Pyranees) is a co-op winery in DO Somontatno. This appellation is in Huesca province, nestled under the Pyrenees Mountains. The bodega is in Barbastro, the main town of the Río Vero valley. Bodegas Pirineos work in 23 tiny pueblos north and west of Barbastro, in both valley and hill-slope terroirs. The hamlet of Salas Altas is the northern limit, and here the local varietal Moristel is being rescued and re-planted at 600m altitude. Bodegas Pirineos is responsible for 700 hectares (nearly a quarter of the DO), farmed by 230 family growers. In 2007, sherry house Barbadillo bought into the co-op (they own 76%) re-capitalising and re-focusing on quality. Moristel is a thin-skinned variety found soley in DO Somontano. Most growers have replanted their old Moristel vineyards with more productive foreign grape varieties, and it constitutes a mere 1.95% of the vineyards in SO Somontano.

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