Alejandro Narváez and Rocío Áspera are Jerezanos aspiring to make organic and natural wines from grape varieties local to the region. It's a young project, conceived in 2009, and producing its first bottles from the 2012 and 2013 harvests. Forlong's fruit is grown in the intensely chalky glaringly white Albariza soils that are famed for producing fruit for Fino sherries, and equally produced by briny Atlantic sea air (their wines carry 150mg/litre of salt). Their 10 hectare property, just out of Puerto going towards ROta takes its name from that of a former British imperial merchant 'owner'. All viticulture is organic, and selected use is made of biodynamic preparations. Harvest takes place at night, to avoid the dreadful daytime heat of August in Jerez! All fermentations are natural local yeasts. Little or no sulphur is added.

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