Blai Ferré i Just

Blai Ferré is a young Priorat winemaker, currently working for his wife's family Gratallops label, Celler Cecilio, and in his project from vineyards in Massos del Falset. Blai got his start working for Álvaro Palacios and Celler Capçanes before joining Celler Cecilio in 2000 and finally striking out on his own. Massos del Falset in a Priorat Vi de Villa appellation located in the DO Montsant village of Falset, which has a municipal footprint encroaching on DOQ Priorat llicorella soils. Thus, in Falset, one can produce either DO Montsant or DOQ Priorat wine, depending on the soils of one's vineyards. Blai's style is to under-extract and getle nurture wines so that the dazzling minerality of Priorat's smoky schist can shine through in the wines. He picks on taste, ferments with wild yeast and does not acidify. A light sulphur addition is given pre-bottling, which takes place without filtration.