Bertrand Sourdais

'Antidoto' and 'Dominio de Es' are the Ribera del Duero wine projects of Bertrand Sourdais, who has a parallel existence running his family's Chinon property in the Loire Valley (Domaine de Pallus). In Spain, Bertrand's work centres around a little village called San Esteban de Gormaz, 70km west of the city of Soria, which names this sector of Ribera del Duero. Here he works with pre-phylloxera vines from antique vineyards organically grown and biodynamically farmed at around 1000m above sea level. The wines of both 'Antidoto' and 'Dominio de Es' are based on 85-200 year old vines, 40% on sandy gravel, 40% on limestone and 20% on ferrous clay. Bertrand makes his Antidotos with David Hernando, life-long Sorian and very experienced local viticulturalist. The 'Antidote' tag sums up their opposition to the ordinary, the commonplace, the lazy, the Parkery, the industrial commercialism of the second half of the 20th century. Dominio de Es is Bertrand working with his wife, Olga Escudero, specifically focusing on vineyards in the Valdegatiles valley near the village of Atauta, south from San Esteban de Gormaz, below the Douro.

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