Cillar de Silos

Ribera del Duero

'Golfo' Vermut


This is a really stylish, and serious vermouth based on old vines of dry grown Tinto Fino. These are fermented out to make a proper dry red base wine of extremely high quality, which is then carbon treated to remove some colour. The base is then sweetened with grape must, taking the alcoholic density down to 14% and balancing the wine with 100 grams/litre residual grape sugar. The resultant sweet red is macerated with herbs and once tannin, sugar, wine and herb are in balance, the Vermut is pressed off herbs and aged in old French oak barrels (previously used for CDS deluxe reds like Torresilo) for 6 months.

A ‘Golfo’ is a party guy.
GOLFO is the first Vermouth from the Ribera del Duero - a Turin-style aromatised red wine. Oscar Aragon, winemaker at Cillar de Silos, learned to make Vermouth while studying
Oenology in Logroño and each vintage made a few litres for domestic consumption. Herbs: worm-wood, gentian, quinine, marjoram and savory (a genus of aromatic plants from the family Lamiaceae, related to rosemary and thyme, native to North Africa, Southern and South-Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia).