Artomaña Txakolina

Situated in the quaint Basque herrixka (village) of Artomaña on the banks of its eponymous river are the family vineyards and winery of Artomaña Txakolina. The estate is a forty-minute drive south of Bilbao in the Arabako Txakolina DO, which is the warmest and further inland of the three Txakoli regions. Like much of this green and damp part of Spain, the vineyards and valleys are flanked by imposing mountain ranges. The limestone-rich Sierra Salvada casts an intimidating figure across the landscape giving protection from the harsh Atlantic winds while providing irrigation via the local rivers that are born at its peaks.

The first wines of the region were produced in 1988 when Eugenio Alava Ugarte set out to recover the tradition of wine production in the region. Now the Alava brothers focus on making wines that respect the traditions of the region, while reflecting the unique terroir that surrounds them.

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