Quinta Do Vale Meão

Douro Valley

Monte Meão 'Vinha dos Novos' Single Vineyard Touriga Nacional


A single vineyard varietal Touriga. Vinha dos Novos is a granite-soil vineyard. After being crushed, the grapes are cooled down and trodden by foot for four hours in granite 'Lagares', then transferred to old French oak vats, and fermented for 10 days with controlled temperature. The wine was matured for 15 months in used Allier barriques. The name 'Novos' refers to the vineyard's location near to the recently built 'Novo'(new) winery on the property.

Vegetal-floral in the way of Touriga Nacional, with bluebells, violets, and beet flowers, tobacco and delightful hits of black fenugreek and fragrant juniper skins. The tannin base is of lush, ripe, thick skins, broadly, deeply leathery, bursting to life with red spice and a trace of peppermint. Remarkably soft for Touriga, the siltily earthen palate affects great elegance with very fine acidity.