Celler Aixalà i Alcait

Priorat (Torroja)

'Cal.ligrima' Carinyena Rosat 2021


The winery name conjoins the surnames of Jordi and Sussi; you pronounce it in an easy
phonetic flow: aysh-lah-al-cay-eet. Caligram, a drawing with words. It's a pink loaded with terroir and varietal typicity, textural and interesting with food (rather than all those vapid, scared-of-life rosies).

A Rosat (Rosado) of outrageous Carinyena purple! Has an excellent spicy herbal twang, steely Llicorella mineral adds to the tang, as does the wirey briaryness of Carinyena. There's just a touch of glycerol, but no heat, and good acidity organises the soft, earthy fruit core.

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