Alegre y Valgañón

Informed by the deep history of Rioja, Oscar Alegre and Eva Valgañón make gentle and natural wines, expressing the earth and air in their specific sector of Rioja. These are wonderful, characterful, and inexpensive wines. Oscar and Eva are intent on a village-specific approach to making Rioja wines. The Valgañón family's farm is situated in the little village of Fonzaleche, a pueblo of 80 people in the very limit of la Rioja, and also one of the highest and coldest villages in Rioja. This is where you'll find their key vineyard; 'La Calleja', from which Oscar and Eva make a single vineyard wine. Their other wines blend specific attributes of neighbouring cool hilly villages, Sajazarra and Cihuri, as well as the alluvial-soiled village Cardenas, south of the Ebro, whence very special Garnacha is sourced. Oscar and Eva want to re-establish the taste of the villages, and to make wines on a personal scale, rather than the giant agribusiness version of Rioja as administered by the Consejo Regulador.

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