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Zythum, Cerveza Artesenal del Priorat

A natural, vintage, artisan beer, completely nude of additives, made from two barley and one wheat malt with a selection of three types of hops. Brewed in Priorat, it's genuinely unique in elaboration.

More importantly, it is delicious! Lowish in alcohol at 4% a/v, but completely satisfying in terms of flavour, depth and length. Cloudy but brilliant (acknowledgment to Coopers for the near quote) in the glass, with great flavour and texture, mid-weight and harnessed by pleasing bitterness and souring acidity, making for a brew with a great refreshment factor.

The three primary malt fermentations take place at 20 degrees in acacia wood barrels, to which is added Carignan flowers. Second fermentation in the bottle takes place in company of honey and concentrated Carignan grape must. Very Priorat.

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