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Telmo Rodriguez, D.O Cigales

Cigales is a small D.O. in Central Castille - the least-famous of a constellation of D.O.s around the main town of Valladolid. A half hour to the east, Ribera del Duero, south to Rueda, west to Toro, and north to Cigales.

Like the others, Cigales benefits from a warm-by-day, very cool-by-night high altitude situation (about 750m above sea level), allowing both ripeness and finesse. Cigales is stony and dry, with a viticultural/winemaking culture which, in the main, is still pretty rustic and co-op based. Cigales tends to specialise in rose wines, but the modernising trend seen elsewhere in Spain is catching on - led as usual by the remarkable Telmo Rodriguez.

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