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Sanchez Romate 'Cardenal Mendoza' Brandy

In 1887, the house of Sanchez Romate laid down its first brandy solera. This idea for this solera was brought to life in order to satisfy the needs of the Sanchez Romate family and a select group of their friends for a brandy of exceptional quality. The astonishing quality of the resulting product led to the commercialisation of their brandy.

Thus the 'Cardenal Mendoza' Solera Gran Reserva was born. Cardenal Mendoza is subjected to the traditional process of production and ageing that is required under the regulations enforced by the regulating council for the specific denomination "Brandy de Jerez". Cardenal Mendoza is a Solera Gran Reserva Brandy - the highest category designated by the regulating council.

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