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Primitivo Quilies, D.O. Alicante

Primitivo Quiles as a bodega and as a family (los Quiles) have been involved with wine in the Alicante region since 1780. The bodega is the oldest in Alicante, having been established in 1926. The 'tonnels' (giant old wooden vats such as Tonnel 'Cono 4', after which their delightful rustic house gurgler is named) were built in situ then. The bodega is in Monóvar. The Monovar vineyards are in the Medio Vinalopó, the central run of the river valley (Enrique Mendoza at Villena is north in the Alto Vinalopó), which finishes in the south-east in Bajo Vinalopó at Elche. The nearby hamlet of Raspay, from which they also take fruit and after which their main wine is named, is away from the river valley to the east.

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