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Telmo Rodriguez, D.O. Rueda

D.O. Rueda is a specialised white wine-only D.O. where Verdejo is the local star variety, accompanied by the international Sauvignon Blanc and a smattering of native Viura (Macabeo). 1.5 hours north-west of Madrid, Rueda is located on the high (700-800 metres), sandy soiled plateau of the Duero river. Climatically Continental with extreme temperatures in summer and winter, Rueda is also within reach of the Atlanic's cool/damp influence which provides frequent rain in autumn and spring.

'Basa' is produced from 40 year old vines at 750 metres altitude, and cropped at about 1kg/vine! Biological viticulture, and no additions in the winery - just perfectly balanced sugar/acid/tannin in the berry which is then carefully nurtured into balanced wine. A great all-rounder with food, it's great asset is all-natural acidity (nothing out of a bag), so it doesn't get cloying, metallic or soapy … no matter how many bottles are gone through!

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