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Telmo Rodriguez, D.O. Sierras de Malaga

The name Malaga is arguably the most important in Spain’s viticultural history; at stage Malaga was the mostimportant vineyard area in Andalusia. Located between the snowy mountains of Granada and the Mediterranean, these green, fertile, slate-covered slopes produce some of the purest Muscats in the world. Moscatel is a ‘vid antica’, or ancient vine and is one of the few varieties (if not the only) which has never been genetically modified.

It was the history and endangered status of this southern Spanish treasure wine that drove Telmo and Pablo to launch their Malaga project. Starting with their two sweet wines — produced from Muscat made from sun-kissed raisins — the pair have now followed with a dry Moscatel, the 'Mountain Blanco'.

The 'Mountain Blanco' is a dry white selection of the mountain-top Moscatel from which Telmo makes his fabulous honeysuckle and schist sweet whites. The mountain-side vineyards that these grapes are selected from are situated at altitudes of 500-1000m in slate soils, and are tended sustainably (like all of Telmos vineyards).

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Sierras de Malaga