the spanish aquisition

Telmo Rodriguez, D.O. Malaga

The name Malaga is arguably the most important in Spain's viticultural history; at one stage Malaga was the most important vineyard area in Andalusia. Located between the snowy mountains of Granada and the Mediterranean, these green, fertile, slate-covered slopes produce some of the purest Moscatels/Muscats in the world. Moscatel is a 'vid antica', or ancient vine and is one of the few varieties (if not the only) which has never been genetically modified.

The philosophy behind the Telmo Rodriguez company has always been to use native Spanish varieties (when the planting of foreign varieties has been the norm in almost every Spanish wine region), and where possible to recover and renovate abandoned or forgotten vineyards. This is how the Molino Real 'mountain wine' project in Malaga emerged.

It was the history and endangered status of this southern Spanish treasure wine that drove Telmo and Pablo to launch their Malaga project, to recreate 'mountain wine'. The famous and precious 'mountain' was not a winery or winemaker produced wine. It was a terroir wine: a hot slate Moscatel made from sun-kissed raisins. This is the way they understood it, stepping back to let the mountain vineyard speak for itself.

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