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Primitivo Quiles, D.O. Alicante

Primitivo Quiles as a bodega and as a family (Quiles) have been involved with wine in the Alicante region since 1780. The bodega, based in Monóvar is the oldest bodega in Alicante, and quite possibly in all of Valencia. Over the centuries Primitivo Quiles has continued to sepcialise in two native varieties of the region: Monastrell and Moscatel Romano.

Elsewhere known as: Muscat of Alexandria, Moscatel de Málaga, Gordo Blanco, Hanepoot, Lexia, Moscatel Gordo, and Zibbibo, Moscatel Romano is the common name in the Levante, including D.O. Alicante. Throughout history this variety's affinity with the Mediterranean coast, combined with the importance of the coastline as a trade route, and the durability of such wines (thanks to their rich inner fortification via sugar), has made these Moscatels (whether grown in Spain, Italy or wherever) among history's most widely drunk and important wines.

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