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Cayetano del Pino, Jerez, D.O. Jerez

Cayetano del Pino is a family business dating to the mid-1880s, it has since become an 'Almacenista' – an ageing warehouse, procuring and nurturing sherries in small lots for re-sale down the track with enhanced character. Sanchez Romate purchase and bottle the annual output of these tiny soleras, one each of 15 and 5 butts, with minimal filtration.

Almacenistas traditionally are small companies or individuals that are not entitled or authorized to sell labelled sherry directly to the market but they can supply their stocks to the Bodegas legally. For that purpose, they should be registered at the Regulatory Board as Almacenistas. Generally speaking, they are very small companies with one or two small buildings that age a very limited quantity of several Sherries. In the past, there was a huge number of Almacenistas (40 or 50), currently they are 15. The biggest differences between both are: ·

  • Bodegas age and sell sherries under a label that is registered at the Regulatory board.
  • Almacenistas age sherries and shell to the Bodegas in bulk without label, but they should be registered at the Regulatory Board.

Palo Cortado: a stylistic half-world between Amontillado & Oloroso, sharing characteristics of both.

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