the spanish aquisition

Sara i Rene, D.O. Montsant and Priorat

Generational change, anyone?
We are standing directly face-to-face with the future here.

Sara was the host of my very first vineyard and winery visits in Spain, many years ago. At the time, she was a young, energetic and very intelligent winemaker, just starting to stretch her wings. She was working under her father, Jose Luis Perez at Mas Martinet, one of the famous 'Priorat Five' who started the new wave Rebirth of Priorat Cool. But even in outright youth at the time, Sara had her head fully around what was, what had been, and possibly would be the future in Priorat and Montsant ... and she was already starting to work on her own break out projects. 15 years down the track, she runs Mas Martinet outright. And she has two beautifully realised solo projects well and truly up and about, owned and run in conjunction with her now husband Rene Barbier.

I met Rene the same day I met Sara and spent time with he and his father, Rene Barbier Senior, another of the 'Priorat Five' at Clos Mogador. And yep, Rene Junior (hereafter, simply Rene) was every bit as switched on, full of respect for the past, curiosity for the future and fire right now as was Sara! And yep, they hooked up! Four children later, Rene now runs Clos Mogador outright, and is Sara's partner both in life and in a pair of personal projects spanning Montsant and Priorat terroirs.

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