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Niepoort, D.O.C. Douro

Niepoort has been an independent family business since 1842, and is today headed by fith generation, Dirk Niepoort. Dirk's passion for wines and his humble respect and curiosity for the Douro terroir has re-defined the Niepoort team spirit.

The business has gone through a process of modernisation over the last two decades. The first important step in this process was the acquisition of their own vineyards: Quinta de Nápoles and Quinta do Carril in Cima Corgo, within the Douro valley.

As home to both 'Port' and 'Douro' wines, the Douro valley is a double-DOC. The Douro river, in its Spanish guise as the Duero, has already spawned a number of important wine regions by the time it reaches Portugal. The area demarcated as Douro commences about 60km upstream from the coastal dual cities of Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia, and continues East for another 90 km towards the Spanish border.

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