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Luis Pato, Vinho Regional Beiras

Luís Pato wine is the result of the association of two traditional families from Bairrada, the Pato family and the Melo Campos family. At the Quinta do Ribeirinho (Ribeirinho Estate, 72 ha) the documents reveal that wine has been in production since the 18th century. Vine husbandry and winemaking are the preserve of the eponymous Senor Luís Pato.

With the demarcation of the Bairrada Region in the 1970s, the distinct character of the vineyards led to the bottling of estate only wines. Pato became the first producer-bottler. During the 1980s Further to Pato's innovative work in the vineyard and winery, Luís Pato wines were praised and awarded at local competitions, giving Pato the encouragement to continue with the development of the brand.

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