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TSA new acquisition release: EBANO - meet our bargain-priced quality new Ribera del Duero tinto fino

Ébano is a property owned by esteemed Rías Baixas producer, Valmiñor. We have been working closely with them over a number of years on developing this wine, and have been very happy with their results from 2008 onward.

2010 Ébano 6 Tinto Fino RRP $29

Typicity, typicity, typicity … Dark cherry and spiced plum fruits in a leathery-earthy-mineral nose, with a lovely dark ground anisey spice accompaniment. It’s open and gentle, regional and varietal, not fruity, not oaky, and with that special sense of ‘line’ which characterises the super-duper 2010 vintage. No raw edges, it’s equal parts groovy, succulent cherry fruit, savoury, earth and mineral. Great bang for buck, stylish, regional and varietal. Made from 100% local family Tempranillo, the Tinto Fino of Ribera del Duero and aged 6 months in French barriques after fermentation temperature-controlled in stainless steel.

D.O. Ribera del Duero

The vogue region for Tempranillo at present, D.O. Ribera del Duero is a couple of hours north of Madrid, it’s a warm-by-day, very cool-at-night high altitude river valley system (ribera = river), which flows west into Portugal and is re-badged at the border as the Douro (as in Douro Valley, where Port Wine is grown). As you drive east into the valley from the region’s central city, Valladolid, the terroir lays out clearly for all to see. Either side of the big ‘ole river stretches perhaps a kilometre of sandy flats, planted to very withered old dry grown bush vines of Tempranillo. Away from the river, the flats give rise to low, stony hills, through which you drive north to Rioja and Basque country. Tempranillo here is darker, juicier, earthier, meatier than say in Rioja. It’s home to supple, fleshy earth-perfumed wine with an eerie resemblance to Burgundy; and also to some steroidal monsters tricked up with Cabernet and very toasty new American oak barriques.


Spain’s primary indigenous variety, and which is now being planted enthusiastically all over Australia. King Valley, Heathcote, Clare Valley, Margaret River … While these plantings grow up, however, the gems reside in the old bush vines which proliferate in the high altitude regions of Central-Northern Spain. Known by a different name in virtually every region – Tempranillo in Rioja, Tinto Fino or Tinta del Pais in Ribera del Duero, Tinta de Toro in Toro … and Cencibel, Ulle de Llebre and many others elsewhere. Produces, when well grown, delicious pithy black cherry fruit, with ripe but usually gentle earthy tannins – has a meaty-earthy aspect, and usually some ripe dark spices. Can be wondrously perfumed in the mouth, in the same vein as Barolo and Burgundy.

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