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TSA ANNOUNCES A NEW PRIORAT GARNACHA, 2011 Agnes de Cervera 'La Petite Agnes'

Agnes de Cervera ‘La Petite Agnes’ Garnacha RRP $30
D.O.Ca Priorat, cases of 12 x 750ml

Our ongoing research work in Spain and at the tasting bench has been particularly fruitful this year, with a number of outstanding quality+value new releases. Here’s another. As you may recall, we did not like and did not ship this year’s release of Giné Giné Priorat. Instead, we have found an even better value entry Garnacha wine to show off the berry’n’smoke delights of Priorat. ‘Agnes’ is delicious, typical and ripping value.  (I’ve already banned myself from taking her home, she’s too attractive and way too easy )…

Ashy regional nose, with fat cherry red lipsticky fruit. Plush sweet berries are touched with classic Priorat orange juice and carrot and cut by characteristic mineral soiliness. Made from 85% Garnacha and 15% Samsó, and aged for 3 months in French oak after temperature-controlled fermentation in stainless steel. The 3 months of oak treatment tucks in really well.

This is incredibly good value Priorat.

Purchased in 2003, Agnes de Cervera is a family-owned property. The Cervera family have spent the last decade acquiring and planting over 250 acres of land in several villages, of which about 90 acres are vineyard. The project is named after Agnès, the 10 yo grand-daughter of Miguel Jimènez de Cervera, the owner of the winery. Agnes de Cervera is the product of two distinct estates. The  99 acre (57 planted to vineyard) ‘La Solana’ vineyard is in the village of El Molar, out the back of Gratallops in the valley of the River Siurana. In the warm southern sector of Priorat, the terraced vineyards are cooled by the southwest ‘Garbinada’ winds. Altitude is 780 feet. The other estate, ‘Les Argeles’ is in the village of Porrera to the North, near the ‘Serra del Montsant’ park. It’s a 235 acre property, of which just 33 acres are under vine, while large tracts of primary forest and centenarian olive groves are preserved. It’s a cooler, higher altitude site at 1400 feet, and later-ripening. Both sites are planted to indigenous Garnacha foremost, with Samsó and some French varieties. The cellar itself is between the villages of el Molar and el LLoar.

The philosophy at Agnes de Cervera is very much in line with ours at TSA; hand picking and thoughtful making focused  on regional typicality. One of the main characteristics of Priorat is of course the poor slate soil (locally called ‘Llicorella’), and this is delightfully preserved in the entry level wine from this producer-to-watch. AdC produce a range of wines, but for now we’re only importing the entry wine, Petite Agnes – delicious, stunning value and beautifully typical.

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