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We are pleased to announce several delicious new release Cavas, several of which are no longer calling themselves Cava … (re-)introducing Raventos i Blanc, DO Conca del Riu de AnoiaCAVA or not, there’s no question that these are outstanding value and delicious fizzes.


See links below to download detailed notes on ATM and RiB

ATM (Agusti Torello Mata) Cava Brut Reserva 2009 $45

Perfectly situated between the apple-and-earth fresh and direct style one expects from standard Cava and the richer, fuller body of grower champagnes, it’s little dearer than the former and as delicious as the latter. Outstanding, stylish, detailed and satisfying fizz - surely a bargain. Agusti is the sensei of Cava, his 2009 has the reserve (excuse the very deliberate pun), the quiet confidence of true authority.

(re-)introducing Raventos i Blanc, DO Conca del Riu de Anoia

Raventos i Blanc, arguably the Bodega which historically has best defined Cava, is no longer calling itself Cava! They have named themselves for the local river, el Riu de Anioa, with Riu being Catalan for the Rio, or river which splits the heart of ‘Cava’ country, half an hour west of Barcelona in the Catalan hills. RiB are solely responsible for the birth of this new DO, which they estimate will take a generation to achieve its full force. In a nutshell, they aim for a highly local (single Conca or valley) bio-synergy, and a genuine alternative to Champagne. A detailed note file below has RiB’s statements of their position. For us, the real news (in the commercial short term) is the new release news: the wonderful 2010 releases of RiB’s dry white and pink Espumosos and our launch of the deluxe version, Gran Reserva de la Finca 2007. GRDF is very fun fizz!

RiB (Raventos i Blanc) L’Hereu Blanco Espumoso 2010, $40

Pink Fir apple, a trace of typical earthiness, and a sublime rip and tear surfboard ride palate. Great fruit, great foam, nicely cut with earth and acid, this is joyful and extremely high quality simple fizz of great harmony and style.

RiB (Raventos i Blanc) de Nit Rosado  Espumoso 2010, $55

Dry pink of great elegance. Detailed and delicate, with a lovely overall spareness leaving room for the pink perfume to dance and release without cloy or clutter. Many would say Hooray, in Epernay, should they achieve this finesse. It’s delicious!

RiB (Raventos i Blanc) Gran Reserva de la Finca Blanco Espumoso 2007, $70

Earthy and golden GRDF is a wine combining development and brightness, toasty and generous but beautifully edged. Aromatic features of minerals and old flowers; juicy, with fair bit of foam, the palate is rich and dry with lovely crunchy green apple acid finish.


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