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2011 Viña Olabarri, Viura Blanco RRP $25
D.O.Ca Rioja, cases of 6 x 750ml, normacorc

This year we’ve launched a heap of new goodies, with a focus on high quality PLUS good value entry level wines, and we’re delighted to announce another winner.

For some time we’ve been looking for white Rioja options which were more than blandness over-written by oxidisation and winemaking … here’s the first.

A golden, earthy-mineral nose is surprisingly complex. There’s sand soil with apple, nuts, flowers and some sweet-spicy apricot richness. A full palate that’s not too rich features peach, nectarine and waxy pineapple fruits. It’s a fresh, unwooded style and has good composure, managing some savoury and mineral tang and fresh acid closure at back. 90% Viura + Garnacha Blanca + Malvasia

Historically, Rioja Blancos made from Viura have had to be heavily worked and oxidatively wooded to get positive flavour – Olabarri’s wine has a pleasing natural depth of flavour and is able to present for drinking without obvious winemaking being required to force style and flavour from bland grapes.

Bodegas Viña Olabarri is a family-owned property, with a bodega in Haro, Rioja Alta. Founded in 1985 by Pablo Olabarri, Pablo’s son Luis Olabarri now manages the winery. Olabarri’s vineyards are located on the ‘Bikandi’ farm, near Logrono, between the villages of Fuenmayor and Navarette. The vineyards cover an area of 20 hectares, growing on terraces overlooking the Ebro River. The soil is a stony sandy loam over an alluvial substrate.

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