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NEW RELEASE: 2010 Virat Callet Mantonegro

Named after the wild stripy dog of Mallorca, it is a joint venture between Miguelangel of Anima Negre and his friend Ana Martin (she of Auroch, Traslanzas and Guitian). We have shipped a tiny amount of this wine once before (a single pallet of 2005), so it’s not strictly a new acquisition … but in a way it is … the initial wine, 2005, was an accidental release. Ana and Miguelangel did not set out to make an entry level Mallorca red, but a quantity of such was commissioned by one of Ana’s Central European importers. After making the wine for him, it sat in their warehouse, sat there, sat there … and then he went broke and they were stuck with a wine they then had to account for. We and a couple of their other importers took a bit each and the problem was gone. Problem was, it was a nice wine, good label, attractive price-point … maybe there was an idea there awaiting a commitment? After taking a year or two’s pause for thought, YES, became the answer, a new vintage was made and VIRAT becomes a new brand to which they and we can all commit. Absolutely tip top light dry red, screwcap, great package, delicious and very good value, Ladies and Gentlemen, we present …

2010 Virat Callet-Montenegro, D.O. Mallorca, screwcap, $37 rrp
Pure cherry juice! Back-notes of cold tea and graphite hold it in a savoury register. Light, not too fruity-smelling, it’s sitting down in a lower, more  earthy profile than the bright cherry would suggest, so it’s fruit-present, but beguilingly so. Simple and really attractive to smell, and the palate’s the same, sitting on the fence between fruit and earth. It’s delicious, light and simple and framed on lovely light, dry fruit tannin.

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