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NEW RELEASE: 2005 Primitivo Quiles 'Raspay' Monastrell

Again, almost a new acquisition – we shipped a tiny bit a few years back, and it’s also not a typically TSA wine, being very definitely in the rustic old-school oxidatively-handled register – a part of the wine world we are not normally very fond of. There are always exceptions, however, and we think this wine really holds up and has something to say through the rusticity, and it complements and rounds out our Monastrell list nicely. Francisco Quiles, at PQ in Alicante makes a range of wines including the outrageous old barrel-aged Monastrell Fondillons, and a range of Monastrell tintos, of which Raspay is the pick. In D.O. Alicante there are actually two production zones – the moscatel is grown on a Mediterranean coastal strip and then the D.O. continues an hour or so inland and upland, where the Monastrell lives.

2005 Primitivo Quiles ‘Raspay’ Monastrell, D.O. Alicante, $58 rrp
Balsamic and pepperminty, with savoury, cedary woodiness and fruity relief - gently earthy red fruits, red apple over bright red cherry. It’s a fine and quiet wine, driven by woodiness - not just the old wood in which it’s aged, but the wood of the old vines expressing itself through the fruit and carrying with it the memory of Mediterranean herbs – sage, black lavender, wild fennel … and there’s a touch of clovey spice. There’s lovely perfume in the mouth, all savoury and cedary with those dried herbs, and earth. It’s subtle, gentle and fine. It’s also very quirky, and for some will be way too much about oxidative old wood handling!

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