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We are delighted to introduce you to another fabulous Mencia producer - Meet Pedro Guimaro.

Pedro Perez, Guimaro's owner-maker (known as Pedro Guimaro by the locals) retired from legal practice in 2000 to take over the family business. The result? What we think to be the best producer in Ribeira Sacra. The wines are wild and free - pure expressions of the steep countryside.

Guimaro's tiny plots are planted on the steep (50-70 degree) slopes of the Rio Sil. The terroir is interpreted through a wonderful value Joven-style estate blend and four single vineyards which are:

  • Finca Meixeman (has a both a slate facing naciamento and a granite-iron poniente face)
  • Ladredo (east facing or naciamento - to the rising sun and also the ripping easterly winds that tear down the river from the continental hinterland)
  • Cappelinos (95 years old vineyard faces south-east towards Pombeiras across a small valley)
  • Pombeiras (70 year old granite and quartz over pizzara, south-west or poniente – to the setting sun)

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Guimaro Mencia Joven 2012 RRP $37
Fresh and wild smelling with forest strawberry, lightly smoked blackberry canes and gently pressed wild cherry juice in mountain air. The palate has just enough glycerol to get the thing going, and is in a spare, foresty, scrubby register. Sere and beautiful with a light skin-grip frame, it's a pure country wine – light, earthy and clear. It's proud but not showy, and very real.

Guimaro 'Finca Meixeman' Single Vineyard Mencia 2010 RRP $74
Spicy black lozenge fruit with a lift of shiso, field herb and autumn vine leaves. Palate mingles licorice, leathery black cherry and sweet raspberry with slatey-mineral rock, the meaty and the vegetal in a long, fine structure.

Guimaro 'Pombeiras' Single Vineyard Mencia 2011 RRP $140
Smells like an old heavy red velvet curtain at your grandmother's and piquillo pepper caponata with lots of exotic spice – cardamom, anise, peppercorn, pimiento. Liquorous fruit is beautifully textured with fabulous herbaceous tannins working slowly along the boysenberry and spice palate. It's vibrant, energetic, vivid, alive.

Guimaro 'Cappelinos' Single Vineyard Mencia 2011 RRP $140
This vineyard is a field blend with a little Caiño and Mouratón Negrada. Just 4 barriques made.
Blueberry skinsy fruit, with floral lift, barnyard and pimiento over cold dark rock and the lovely smell of soft ripe fruit tannin from old vines, gently extracted. Wonderfully composed, it's bloody and dense with glorious dark fruit and inherent 'cut' from full, long vegetal tannins yielding to a mouthfeel of stones, stones and more stones as the palate wanders off, long and fine.

Guimaro 'Cappelinos' Single Vineyard Mencia 2010 RRP $140
Fleshy, gamey meat cut with vegetal blackberry canes, glyceric cherry sliced through with minerality. Long, caponata-fleshy slick, slinky and supple tannin palate is soft and leads to a very graceful exit. The vegetality of 2010 compares nicely with the ripeness of 2011. It's a smoky, coolly mineral reflection of place.

Guimaro-Niepoort 'Ladredo' Mencia 2009 & 2010 RRP $165
Wild strawberries, rose tea, wildflowers and a squeak of sourberry, damson plum, rose cane, smoked red gooseberries; subtle succulent and classy, some nice soft mace spice. Really fine tannin, very classy oak integration (nominal presence), great salivating soft ripe clean natural acid. Really lovely. Really.

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