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Introducing two great new Sherry producers: Gutiérrez Colosía and Cayetano del Pino y Cia

We are delighted to introduce 2 great new Sherry producers to our selection. For now, this pretty much completes how we wish to summarise the world of Sherry for you. We are very proud to offer these for the first time...

Gutierrez Colosia, Fino del Puerto, D.O. Jerez 375ml screwcap
Gutierrez Colosia is a family business established in the 1830s, in the coast town of El Puerto de Santa Maria, across the bay from Cadiz. The bodega is on the shore of Rio Guadalete near its convergence with the Atlantic.  The main vineyards for Fino production from Palomino grapes exist on the chalky Albariza soils within the triangle between Jerez inland and the coastal towns, Sanlucar de Barremeda and El Puerto de Santa Maria.

Raised near the Atlantic, Finos del Puerto have a moderated briny character and sit stylistically between Manzanillas from Sanlucar and Finos from Jerez.

Cayetano del Pino y Cia, Almacenista Palo Cortado, D.O. Jerez
Cayetano del Pino is a family business dating to the mid-1880s. It is an 'Almacenista', running an 'almacen' - an ageing warehouse - procuring and nurturing sherries in small lots for re-sale down the track with enhanced character. Sanchez Romate purchase and bottle the annual output of these tiny soleras, one each of 15 and 5 butts, with minimal filtration.

Palo Cortado Solera 1/15, 15 yr average age, 750ml screwcap
Relatively fresh-smelling nutty with fine timber aromatics, some rinded cheese, and rancio complexity – balsamic oranges very pretty over nuts. Relatively light, slightly creamy mid then fresh nippy finish. Fair complexity, very pure and lovely, immediately likeable with very nice lines.

Palo Cortado Viejisimo Solera 1/5, aged over 35 yrs, 375ml screwcap
A single per annum bottling of one small butt in a Solera of just 5 butts.
Spare, elegant, detailed and beautiful, this is reserved and very fine-smelling. Hazelnut praline all through, great depth and definition without getting at all full. Long rancio, salted and spicy finish. Drinks like a great old brandy with wonderful fruit life. Yum.

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