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Introducing ‘The Amazing 2013 12 Volts Mallorca Tinto’ and 3 other great new vintages from 4kilos Vinicola

Ever fancy a fresh, energetic, savoury, authentic and original red wine? Something with character and nerve, yet a virtual absence of winemaking artefact? You were probably awake-dreaming about Four Kilos' release of their 2013 Callet blend tinto, '12 Volts'!

We are delighted to announce that 12 Volts 2013 is here, rested and ready to enter the market in Australia. It, and three other new vintages from Four Kilos are a great statement about naturalness, balance and freshness in contemporary Mediterranean wine, and are based on vineyards which represent the 2-3,000 year legacy of vitis vinifera's evolution in situ in Mallorca.
History, saved for the future.
Fresh, here, now.


The Callet vertical!
- 12 Volts Callet blend 2013 $74/btl RRP 
- Four Kilos Callet 2012 $123/btl RRP 
- Grimalt-Caballero Callet 2012 $165/btl RRP

Mantonegro anyone?
- Gallinas y Foces Mantonegro blend 2012 $82/btl RRP 


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