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INVITATION TO LUNCH WITH BODEGAS RODA AT THE COMMONER - Melbourne Food and Wine Festival 9 + 10 March

Roda en camino al El Commoner (Roda on the road to The Commoner).

Bodegas Roda are bringing the earthy delights of up-country Rioja to the table in celebration of this year’s Melbourne Food and Wine Festival theme: ‘Earth’.

From freshly killed and foraged, to pickled and preserved, the best of multi-seasonal Victorian produce is laid on a slow, open table and augmented plentifully with very fine Spanish red wine.

A delightful long, shared lunch is graced with the range of glorious Roda red wines: Sela, Roda, Roda 1 and the $500 deluxe wine, Cirsion.

The road to table is varied. Organic hogget direct from farm. Autumnal Macedon mushrooms and other March produce foraged afresh. Spring-summer pickles and preserves prepared in advance. In salute to Rioja, thistles and partridge. Holy Goat cheese made to order and clay-smoked in tribute to Roda’s dirt. Pickled fruits and Basque liqueur.

A Fitzroy favourite, The Commoner is a small piece of country hospitality in the city. Owner Jo Corrigan started the venture upon returning to Australia after a long stint as a chef in London. Inspired by the honesty and skill in British food, Jo has created a restaurant that pays homage to the seasons in a paddock-to-plate philosophy that highlights the best of Victorian produce.

Roda are wines of great complexity and detail, with wonderful earthen, velvety mouth-feel. Along with Roda, the road to one of Melbourne’s most delightful tables gathers stunning produce from some of Victoria’s finest including Holy Goat cheese, Anna Kelly lamb, Andrew Wood’s Glenora Heritage produce, Matt Donnelly’s Mushrooms Anonymous, Gordon Jones’ potatoes and more.

You can book for one of two lunches:

March 9th or March 10th, 1-4pm. Tickets $145

Bookings via telephone or web through:

The Commoner, 122 Johnston St, Fitzroy

ph: 03-9415 6876;

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