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Announcing TSA's new Patxaran

Meet our new Patxaran, from Hijos de Pablo Esparza Basarana. 

Hijos de Pablo Esparaza was founded in 1872 by the Esparaza family. Five generations later, the family business continues to focus on small batch distillation of quality ingredients, a laborious production method which gives the final product remarkable levels of flavour, colour and smoothness.

Patxaran is a sloe flavoured liqueur from Navarra. It is made from the plant Prunus Spinosa, a thorny, wild bush belonging to the rose family. A close relative of cherry and plum trees, it does well in mountainous areas. For this reason many names have been given to the fruit including 'wild', 'bastard', 'of the mountain', 'plum', and 'thorny'. The name Patxaran comes from the Basque basa aran: 'basa' meaning mountain, and 'aran' meaning plum. Pacharan is the Spanish (Castillian) spelling.

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