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ANNOUNCING ROMATE'S NEW 'LOST FINO' - Fino Perdido, 750ml screwcapped

Fino Perdido is honey-gold-brass in colour, and smells of fine old toffee, gingerbread and wattle grove. The palate has toasted almond-macadamia and wattle toffee, is gently liquorous and very dry. It’s plush at the centre with a great sherryish snap at the rim.

Romate ‘Fino Perdido’ RRP $41

This is an 8 yo fino-amontillado from a solera of just 15 butts.Perdido refers to the ‘lost style’ of fino since the advent of modern technology. Keep in mind, manzanilla and fino as we know it are technological styles only possible since the 60’s; prior to that, all ‘finos’ would have been somewhat like this – a light more oxidative colour pick-up, a little brassier. As well as ‘over-aged’ to approximate wines of the past, Perdido is very lightly filtered and as close to a ‘fino en rama’ (raw, ex barrel) as is possible.

More technical detail: there is a term occasionally associated with Finos, ie ‘Fino en Rama’, or raw sherry. To date, there are no authentic finos en rama in Australia, those which have been seen are merely less filtered and are mis-using Fino en Rama as a marketing tool. Raw sherry will redevelop flor in the bottle – most unattractive. At present, there is a small emerging market in London whereby authentic Finos en Rama are sold very quickly. We’ll wait to see if this can translate here (at the time of writing – July 2012, we are awaiting a trial by Delgado Zuleta, to see if La Goya Extra en rama will in fact travel and keep here). Now, there is a point with the ‘en rama’ thing, despite it not being realised by brands using it as bogus marketing. Fully developed raw sherry in barrel is golden, rich and full like young Montrachet, and bloody attractive! We’ll just have to see if it can be made to translate … In the meantime, the ‘en rama’ thing does shine a light on the technological nature of Fino and Manzanilla as we know it – light, white, clear and nervous, these styles are a technological artefact of the modern era of temperature control, sterile filtering, stainless steel and so on. Romate’s delightful ‘Fino Perdido’ is a response to this dichotomy.

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