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Romate Fino ‘Marismeño’ (new 375ml screwcapped bottles) RRP $21

Water white and shiney-bright, it’s steely, crisp, stoney and very dry. The ultra-fine palate both feels and tastes like a suck on a river pebble, finishing with a gentle pucker of bitter herb akin to extract of chamomile.

An unrivalled exemplar of the art of Fino, it has a totally unfruity ‘fruit’ profile with briny green olive, almond, chalk and liquorous depth. An initial suggestion of green grape disappears into an austere white melon skin groove laid over the chalk grind from the albariza. That lovely bitter nip balances the finish. Aged 7 years in solera, Marismeño is a 4-scale solera of 3 criadera and the solera, totalling only 836 butts. A third of each of the 227 butts in the Solera is bottled just 2-3 times per annum, and as well as being sold as Marismeño, much of this is taken to feed the NPU Amontillado solera.

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